Pacific Swann

The vessel, Pacific Swann, is a documented 33′ Sport Fisher converted to a six passenger (6-Pack) commercial dive boat.

The boat is conveniently located in Mission Bay and is central to many popular locations.

Trips cater to private groups, instructors with small classes, underwater photographers, as well as technical divers.

San Diego is native to many exquistie dive sites, ranging from a variety of wrecks, kelp forests, canyons, rock out croppings, to the Los Coronado Islands just inside Mexican waters. Trips provide tanks, weights, food & refreshments. Instruction as well as dive master guided tours can be arranged upon request.

Trips are planned to accommodate to your schedule, experience level, dive locations, food, and drink needs. The boat typically only runs one trip per day, thus passengers can expect an experience that is relaxed and focused on their needs. A well-maintained vessel and experienced captain and crew strive to provide for a fun, friendly, and safe diving experience.

Most importantly, Swann Charters believes in fun, leisurely trips that capture diving at its best!

Instructional Dives

Pacific Swann provides an optimal setting for instructors to teach smaller scuba classes. The private setting affords instructors focused time for teaching, briefing’s, and de-briefing’s. Unlike open charter operations, the dive time line is determined by instructor and student needs. Open Water students typically dive at the pristine Los Coronados Islands from a swim step versus the long walk with tank to La Jolla Shores for beach dives. When traveling to exotic destinations, dives are more likely to be from a boat versus a beach. Mixing of open water dives one and two at La Jolla Shores followed by dives three and four at Los Coronado Islands provides the best of both worlds.

Advanced Open Water, Wreck Specialty, and Digital Photography courses especially benefit from the private and open schedule nature Swann Charters provides. Usually, additional focused dive site planning is required. Pacific Swann also provides a safety hang tank with a strobe for all deep dives as an added safety feature. Every effort is made to ensure safe diving practices. Tag lines, current lines, extended line safety reel, and a suited out DM further the comfort level.

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photographers seldom like crowds. The nature of a custom six pack dive boat allows for better pre and post dive camera equipment maintenance. A/C is provided for battery charging. Photographers dive profiles can be quite different from the bulk divers on open charter operations. Less divers usually results in better visibility for optimal shots. Another factor Swann Charters provides for is to hand pick dive location and schedules to cherry pick the best photography settings. Avoiding the crowds and picking less frequented sites adds to the chance of getting the best shots.

Diving or snorkeling blue water kelp patties with the Mola Mola’s can provide for some breathtaking shots. Experienced divers may also have options with other pelagics when present.

Night Dives

Night Dives are the captain/owners favorite dives. Diving at night provides un-paralleled close up access to species un-attainable in day light hours. Squid, octopus, shrimp, and many fish species are easily approached and filmed. Lobster hunting, when in season, also allows for some exciting dives as well as delicious dinners.

The Pacific Swann provides hot food, drinks, a heated salon, and bunk space. All nice to have when night diving. AC is provided for torch charging.

Dive Trips Schedule & Reservations:

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Swann Charters: Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
Passenger Pickup: Dana Landing Market, 2580 Ingraham St., San Diego, CA 92109

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